Design suites & holiday apartments in South Tyrol

Immerse yourself in a world full of possibilities and find peace and space in the middle of Seis am Schlern.

Return to nature, and at the same time, embrace modernity. At La Paula Apartments & Suites, everything points to boundless freedom. It is a property with only 14 units, offering space for all and is perfect for everyone. Our new, modern holiday apartments in South Tyrol are refreshingly natural, straightforward, and unpretentious.

We love tradition and appreciate the nature we live in. That is also reflected in our hotel. A sense of comfort and an elegant cosiness create a retreat where you can spend your time living life and relaxing in your own individual and mindful way. Enjoy moments of action or relaxation and savour the surroundings with all your senses.
Paula Wiesinger - An inspiration and legend
She is not only the inspiration for the name but also the reason why these new holiday apartments in South Tyrol exist. In the 1920s, she wrote skiing and mountaineering history and championed the conservation of the Seiser Alm her entire life. That legacy is what we carry on today.
To the natural holiday architecture
The LaPaula family also known as our team
It is our passion for hospitality that characterises our hotel. We cannot imagine life without our longstanding staff – they are the ones who add that special touch to your holiday. Like a personal holiday concierge, they are always happy to provide you with insider tips and tend to your individual needs.
Between modern & tradition

Design suites & holiday apartments in South Tyrol

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from € 108,-
B&B per person
Garmisch 1936
30 m² - 2 persons
30m² suite feeling with a balcony for amazing views - your stage during your holiday on the Alpe di Siusi. Paula's first big stage will be the IV. ...
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from € 144,-
B&B per person
Santner 1929
44 m² - 2-3 persons
44m² of comfort with a balcony and a breathtaking moutain view that will make you dream of adventures out in nature. Adventures like Paula Wiesinger ...
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from € 128,-
B&B per person
Cortina 1932
50 m² - 2-4 persons
50m² become your cosy holiday home. With a spacious living area, separate kitchen and a view of the Sciliar moutain, as stunning as Paula Wiesinger's ...
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from € 163,-
B&B per person
Marmolata 1928
80 m² - 2-6 persons
80m² of private space and the perfect retreat for your holiday on the Alpe di Siusi. With two bedrooms and a spacious living area for some ...