from € 100,-
B&B per person
Garmisch 1936
30 m² - 2 persons
A 30m² suite with a balcony and magnificent views. Your own oasis of wellbeing.
from € 135,-
B&B per person
Santner 1929
44 m² - 2-3 persons
This 44m² apartment offers comfort and spaciousness in every respect – also when it comes to the view.
from € 135,-
B&B per person
Cortina 1932
50 m² - 2-4 persons
This 50m² apartment features plenty of space. It’s your personal retreat. The view of the Schlern is magnificent, just like the spacious living area ...
from € 155,-
B&B per person
Marmolata 1928
80 m² - 2-6 persons
You have more space for more freedom in this 80m² apartment. Thanks to the two bedrooms and a spacious living area, this is the perfect place to ...